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Main-while Memorial Channel Television Network Services (UK) Ltd will soon be broadcasting on the internet, satellite television, smart phones, and on the tablet.


However, at this stage, we are seeking the aforemention below to partner with us in lieu of taking up a holding shares in this company.

(A) If you have any Television Station experiences or you have a TV broadcasting & production background experiences.


(B) If you are a Social engine expert or Website designer and developer.


(c) If you are an investor or private equity company and you like what you see about this niche TV station company and you decide to invest your money on us ,with a view of having a certain percentage shares holding in this company .


In all cases,you are fully welcome to put your proposal to us. We are waiting for your e-mail and further discussions. E-mail us now at


For your feedback or comment on what you think about this niche television channel and the Social networking site CLICK FEEDBACK or e-mail us at .


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